Floral pants are still one of those trends that I see people are afraid to try. The problem lies in the pants being too busy, too bright, or not being “your style”. I find that you can wear almost any trend and make it work for your style if done correctly!

My 5 tips for making floral pants work for you!

  • Stick to a sophisticated color palette; too bright and crazy will make you look like a 5 year old; try a pair with a neutral or pseudo-neutral background color. This palette will make them look more expensive and modern,
  • Focus on fit and pattern ratio. Fit is the most important thing, I like pants a little flowy so that they look fresh and just slim the body, but whatever you like, choose fit wisely. Pattern ratio can be tough because I know I am often drawn to large scale, busy prints, but on me (especially in a looser fit like these) they just swallow my lower half and make me look bigger and shorter than I am. If you are small, you can do a large print, just make sure the print is more spread out and less busy. If you are tall, you’re lucky! Almost any size print works on you, but if the print is too small sometimes it can look like you’re wearing wallpaper. Just keep your proportions in mind!
  • Balance the outfit with a bold accessory. Floral pants are great as a statement piece and for you minimalist out there, that may be enough, but I like to add an extra layer of visual interest to my ensembles. For this particular outfit, I chose this nautical-esque Tory Burch necklace. The ribbon through the chain picks up the colors of the bag, and the gold accents the golden tones in the pants. You don’t have to use jewelry; you can do a silk scarf, a big bold bag, or even a cute hair piece.
  • Keep the visual interest going and add texture instead of color! You can, of course, add a colored top or bright shoes, but texture (or in this case laser cut leather) adds another dimension without drawing attention away from the pants.
  • Go monochrome and pair the pants with a similar-colored top! I didn’t do it this time, but picking a top in the same majority color as the pants will make the pants stand out even more – and will make you look taller and streamlined! Bonus for us shorties.

What are you favorite ways to wear floral pants? Let me know!

Top: Kohl’s
Pants and Bag: Zara
Heel: Vince Camuto
Necklace: Tory Burch

Photography by Jae Lykken