Orange You Glad: A Lesson in Pseudo-Neutrals

Something I have been trying to incorporate more into my wardrobe is pseudo-neutrals. These are colors that are not strictly neutrals, but act as neutrals and still look great with just about any other color choice. These burnt-orange textured pants act as a perfect transition between seasons and add some visual interest to an otherwise toned down ensemble. With this light pink patterned top, it creates an almost mono-chromatic look. The nude heels and brown jacket add dimension without distracting from the rest of the outfit. Plus, I had to add my leopard bag for fun! Try mixing a pseudo-neutral with a similar color this week! Other pseudo-neutrals include navy, grayish-blue, and light yellow. If you want an extra pop, try burgundy! What are you favorite pseudo-neutral combinations?

Top and Pants: Ann Taylor

Jacket: Zara
Heels: Calvin Klein
Bag: JustFab

Photography by Tim Schlecht

April 6, 2017

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    April 3, 2017