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NASA Tee (5)

A lot of my posts showcase my dressier moments, but this time I was feeling a more casual mood. I found this awesome NASA tee at Target and love it more every time I wear it. I am lucky enough to work in a corporate environment that is fairly casual so this outfit transitioned well from work to dinner with friends. Plus, a tucked in tee looks like you put an extra bit of effort into your look, rather than just a thrown on t-shirt and jeans couple. I’m not usually one to tuck in my t-shirts, but if this blog has done anything for me, it has helped me to push my style and experiment with new things! I think we as women (and sometimes men!) are always looking for ways to recreate the items we already have, otherwise we get bored and go shopping and our bank accounts hate us.
So here is my challenge to you: this week, find a new way to wear something you already have; and if you happen to get a NASA t-shirt and tuck it in, then good for you.

T-Shirt: Target (Men’s Version)
Jeans: Banana Republic
Boots: Forever 21
Wishbone Necklace: Banana Republic
Bracelet: Banana Republic
Watch: Kohl’s

Photography by Tim Schlecht

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August 25, 2016