How To Wear Cropped Shirts

Cropped Lace (1)
When you’re petite, cropped shirts can tend to make you look wider, particularly when the shirt is cut straight down rather than tapered. When wearing this type of top, try to stay away from anything too fitted on bottom as it will only accentuate the boxiness and make you look bigger. For this reason, I paired my top with these loose shorts and boots (any extra height helps). Don’t be afraid to invest in a few shorter boxy tops, as that is something that can easily be fixed with a sewing machine or a tailor. I loved the lace on this top and just couldn’t pass it up. The pattern on the shorts also adds more visual interest, but doesn’t overwhelm the look.

What’s your best tip for wearing a cropped shirt?

Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Forever 21
Booties: Target
Earrings: Forever 21
Bag: Target

Photography by Russell Matteson

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Casual Space

NASA Tee (5)

A lot of my posts showcase my dressier moments, but this time I was feeling a more casual mood. I found this awesome NASA tee at Target and love it more every time I wear it. I am lucky enough to work in a corporate environment that is fairly casual so this outfit transitioned well from work to dinner with friends. Plus, a tucked in tee looks like you put an extra bit of effort into your look, rather than just a thrown on t-shirt and jeans couple. I’m not usually one to tuck in my t-shirts, but if this blog has done anything for me, it has helped me to push my style and experiment with new things! I think we as women (and sometimes men!) are always looking for ways to recreate the items we already have, otherwise we get bored and go shopping and our bank accounts hate us.
So here is my challenge to you: this week, find a new way to wear something you already have; and if you happen to get a NASA t-shirt and tuck it in, then good for you.

T-Shirt: Target (Men’s Version)
Jeans: Banana Republic
Boots: Forever 21
Wishbone Necklace: Banana Republic
Bracelet: Banana Republic
Watch: Kohl’s

Photography by Tim Schlecht

NASA Tee (7) NASA Tee (8) NASA Tee (10) NASA Tee (1) NASA Tee (9) NASA Tee (3) NASA Tee (4) NASA Tee (12) NASA Tee (2) NASA Tee (14) NASA Tee (13) NASA Tee (11)

Florals For Summer? Groundbreaking.

Florals For Summer (2)

I’ve always loved the line from The Devil Wears Prada when Miranda says “Florals, for Spring? Groundbreaking.” Florals are not exactly an original concept, but one that epitomizes a Spring/Summer wardrobe above all else. My style lately has become more feminine and I find myself drawn toward lace, dusty pink, flowing tops and dresses, and floral patterns more than ever. This top was on an amazing sale at Anthropologie and I couldn’t resist. So what did I do? I threw a bunch of flowers on the ground and laid in the grass! Fingers crossed there aren’t any grass stains, because if there’s one thing I’m known for, it’s how accident prone I am; especially with white clothes!

What is your favorite way to wear florals in Spring/Summer?

Top: Anthropologie (On Sale Now!)
Pants: Ann Taylor
Boots: Forever 21
Bag: Target
Necklace: Banana Republic

Photography by Russell Matteson

Florals For Summer (3) Florals For Summer (7) Florals For Summer (4) Florals For Summer (6) Florals For Summer (9) Florals For Summer (8) Florals For Summer (1) Florals For Summer (11) Florals For Summer (10)

The Story of Sookie and Co.


I had the pleasure of shooting a promo campaign for the soon-to-be-launched Sookie and Co.! Ambra started this T-shirt line when she wasn’t able to find the perfect high quality graphic tee; most were either too expensive or low quality. These shirts are meant to be dressed up and down in a variety of ways to fit your style or mood. Each of us girls represented a style; I was Americana, Ashley was the Bombshell, and Khushi was Old Money. The idea behind this shoot was three longtime girlfriends walking around town then sitting down to a delicious brunch- there was a ton of croissants and orange juice involved!
These pictures came at a perfect time as I just lost my dog and have been dealing with that loss this week. Although it doesn’t make up for it, I am so excited for the launch of these items on August 14th! Click HERE to get notified when the products go live!

Photography: Angela Carlyle
Makeup: Ambra Emerald Eyes
Hair: Kerilyn Bullock
Styling: Natalie Randall
Food prep & Stylist: Jeff Powell

Other Models: Khushi and Ashley

SookieandCo4 SookieandCo5 SookieandCo6

SookieandCo8 SookieandCo9

SookieandCo12 SookieandCo13 SookieandCo14   SookieandCo16

San Francisco- 72 Hours By The Bay


Two weekends ago I went to San Francisco and the bay area and got to explore- I have never been, so it was a fun adventure! All the wind made it feel just like home in Seattle!


It started off with a day in San Francisco and eating lunch at the Water Front Cafe-their Skirt Steak was amazing, then to Swensen’s Ice Cream Parlor for some Black Raspberry Marble scoops. Afterward, I had to hit Union Street for a little shopping of course! All I got was a ring, but it was fun to see all the boutiques and the Victorian shop fronts! Next came the Golden Gate Bridge at Fort Point- and what a gorgeous view. I could see the bridge, downtown San Francisco, Alcatraz- if I lived there I could see myself running the trail along this area every day.

For dinner it was sushi at Umami and their Sea Salt and Caramel Cookie Dough Roll is a must for dessert! For as healthy as I eat nowadays, I was willing to splurge on a lot of dessert for this trip. Finally, I had to see the Full House house and get a picture! (Shown in the collage at the end of this post)

IMG_4190bs IMG_4210cs IMG_4255as IMG_4290as

The next day was down to the beach at Santa Cruz. It was so busy there was barely room on the sand- volleyball tournaments, soccer games, kids, and tourists and locals all over the boardwalk. Santa Cruz is a great seaside town, with both big name brands and boutique shopping downtown- to the Wharf and gorgeous ocean views at the beach. I will definitely visit again!


Anyone who knows me knows orchids are my favorite flower! This one was beautiful- I wish I could’ve brought it home with me!

IMG_4311as IMG_4317bs IMG_4332as IMG_4336as IMG_4338as IMG_4345as IMG_4350as

On the last day there, we explored Oakland and the Temescal area and discovered Temescal Alley which I highly recommend for anyone who loves boutiques and/or donuts. Doughnut Dolly has fantastic donuts that you get to pick the filling and they fill it right there! In this alley I picked up a vintage sundress (soon to be on the blog) at Minds Eye Vintage and some gemstone watercolor prints at Homestead Apothecary.

Just half a block over from the Alley, the Temescal Street Fair was happening, which is where the above photos are from. There were so many cool jewelry designers, artists, crafts, and foods featured. Although I could have done without the straight ginger juice- I think my throat is still burning.

Below are a couple of remaining photos from the trip that I took on my phone. Enjoy!